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Covent Garden London.
Covent Garden London.

Andy Christie

with 15 years of street entertainment experience to call upon, this skilled actor and trained mime is a firm favourite with the crowds.

bet体育在线投注下载whether he's zipping about the piazza on a seven foot unicycle or juggling with knives on a tightrope, andy's show will stop you in your tracks and, quite possibly, make you forget about whatever urgent appointment it was you were hurrying off to.

About Andy Christie

andy christie is a performer of circus, clown, physical theatre, mime and eccentric dance. he has also been a professional street performer for fourteen years having held a licence at covent garden, london, since 1992. in that time he has toured extensively throughout the world, performing, indoors and out, at theatre and street festivals, and at commercial & corporate events

for many years he was a member of the eccentric dance troupe ‘ the ballet hooligans’ and appeared in this context on the bbc and in the feature film ‘funny bones’ (peter chelsom).

bet体育在线投注下载more recently he has been a member of ‘the bromptons’ double act and is a founder member of ‘restless legs’ physical theatre company.

he is also a teacher of clowning, mime, improvisation and physical theatre and has taught circus at the city lit, covent garden for the last ten years.

bet体育在线投注下载andy has trained with many leading clowns and physical performers including, frankie anderson, angela de castro, guy dartnel, phelim mcdermott, barry grantham and desmond jones. he is also a member of equity and of the british association of stage and screen combat.



Andy Christie performs in Covent Garden London.