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Covent Garden.
Covent Garden.

Diego Andres Spanó

diego andres spanó is a multi-talented actor, impressionist, clown, mime and musician.

his acclaimed portrayal of charlie chaplin has charmed audiences all over the world, including argentine, the united kingdom, ireland, spain, morocco, canada and patagonia.

bet体育在线投注下载in 1999, he added an impersonation of charlie chaplin’s famous character, the little tramp, to his act, having grown up watching the films and admiring chaplin’s talent. when he first applied the face paint and makeup, he was shocked to see the physical resemblance.

bet体育在线投注下载he soon discovered that the little tramp awoke strong emotions of both in him and the audience. with laughter as the goal, he developed original sketches to convey the struggle of sadness versus happiness, bad versus good and rich versus poor and to involve good-natured members of the audience.

Culture and Theatre

since the 1660s covent garden has never missed a chance to put on a performance

bet体育在线投注下载the first record of covent garden street entertainment came in 1662, when samuel pepys’ diary notes that a marionette show featuring a character named punch took place on the piazza. today, the custom continues.

for centuries, culture vultures have swooped on covent garden. they obviously relished the area’s eclectic, ever-changing mix or opera, ballet , musical theatre and drama, from highbrow and mainstream to fringe and beyond, all tastes are catered for and all emotion are stirred. no other urban quarter in the world has two great opera house and more than twenty thriving theatres


Charlie Chaplin performing in London's Covent Garden.