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Covent Gardening

Covent Gardening: How to Take a Cutting and Propagate

Covent Gardening

The idea of taking cutting can be seen as a complex task and for some certain plants it is but our Head Gardener is here to give you a simple step by step guide to help to propagate your plants.

Know that this is an experiment and some cuttings will fail, even the best gardeners don’t manage this every time, so make sure you take more cutting than needed as this will allow for failures and for you to select the strongest cutting to help create the strongest plant.


What you need:

The plant you’re cutting down

Rooting powder (optional)


Smaller pot

Plastic bottle or sandwich bag  


Covent Gardening

First Step

Take a 3-6 inch cutting from the new growth of your chosen plant, this growth is the most active and will create better results which is known as the soft new growth.

Second Step  

Take the cutting and if you have a large leafed plant you will need to snip the leaves back by back by two thirds, I tend to only leave two leaves. You will need to cut above the node (the bit on the stem where the leaves come from).

Third Step

You will then dip your cutting in to the rooting powder, if you don’t have this don’t panic it is essential but helps, then place the cutting in a pot or seed tray with some moist compost. The put a plastic bottle or sandwich bag (whichever you have to hand) over the cutting to help create a humid environment and place on a window shelf. Lightly water for the next 4 – 6 weeks as you will watch your plant go from looking a little unloved, to then start shooting. You need to be looking for new roots.

Fourth Step

When you can see new roots through the drainage hole in your pot it is time to give your plant a new home but putting it in a slightly larger pot with new compost.

Fifth Step

When in their new pot, pinch the tips of the plant to encourage new growth. Good luck!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our Head Gardener a question every Monday on Instagram.


Covent Gardening